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Why Donate Real Estate?

By Marianne Marzolla on April 3, 2014 in Homepage Featured

Owning real estate brings responsibilities and challenges — especially as your situation changes over time. Donating an unwanted, undeveloped or distressed property can help property owners meet their own needs as well as support a well deserving non-profit organization.

Donating Real Estate For Good, L3C is an low-profit organization dedicated to simplifying this type of transaction. One way for property owners to alleviate themselves of an unwanted property is through an outright gift. Property owners can rely on DRFG to assist in this process in an efficient and simplified transaction. As long as the property donor has owned the property for at least a year, the donor may receive tax benefits. With a gift of real estate, donors also may avoid the capital gains tax they would have incurred by selling the property.

DRFG will facilitate the transfer of the deed or title of the property from the owner to our partnering non-profit organization. As licensed real estate agents, Michael and Marianne then work hard to market and move the property from our partnering non-profit organization to a ready buyer or investor. The resulting outcome places approximately 65% of the proceeds from the sale of the donated property to organizations that directly effect our neighbors and communities. Certainly a win-win for all!

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