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Rehab Tricks

By Marianne Marzolla on December 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

As avid remodelers, Mike and I are always looking for something to make our rehabs unique. I’ve put together some of our favorite affordable tricks to get your rehabs looking picture perfect!

1. Let’s make a new entrance

A new color or coat of paint for your front door can do wonders for your curb appeal. Or you could just update the trim around your front door if you are happy with the color and condition of the paint on your front door. How about your porch? Consider a new stain or coat of paint for it also.

2. Take a look at your cabinets

If your cabinets are in fairly good condition you could look into upgrading them with new paint, borders, such as crown molding and maybe a different color stain. This would be a much more affordable way to give them a new look rather than buying new ones altogether.

3. Add more or different colors

Look into maybe adding a new backsplash to your kitchen. This is pretty easily done, just pick out your tile and have it cut at your local home improvement store and install it yourself. If you’re not quite sure how to do it just ask your friendly home improvement store
employees. Youtube is a wealth of how to information too!

4. Add some trim

Look into adding a chair railing or bead board wainscoting for a beautiful rustic look. Add a new trim around your doors to make them look fresh and put together. This can create beautiful detailing that most people love in a house. Don’t be afraid to make it unique though and add your own twist.

5. Create better lighting

Installing dimmers into your house is a wonderful idea to create the right kind of ambience you want at different times. Turn the dimmer up if you need more lighting or turn it down low for relaxing or making a more romantic feel to the room. If you have ceiling fans look into changing out the style of fan blades to make your light fixture look like a brand new one.

6. Don’t forget your floors.

Your floors take a ton of beating, so if they are looking a little worn out and tired why not upgrade them? Refinishing wooden floors and replacing old worn out carpet can do wonders for your home.

These are the basics when we are rehabbing a new property. We love what we do at Donate Real Estate for Good and are not afraid to add a bit of our personalities into our work.

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