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Neighbors Wanted!

By Marianne Marzolla on August 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

Donate Real Estate So Others Can Benefit!

Never judge a book by its cover! This is the advice every wise person will tell you; and you will almost always get a real good deal if you are wise to take a closer look.


Properties under rehab will always look like they are a raw deal, but wait until you have done a few renovations, no one will ever believe you actually spent so little for such a great home.  Can you imagine owning a seven bedroomed gigantic home with a well mowed garden, several fire places, and countless windows to bring in the natural light into your home?


In Detroit fabulous properties do exist.  Anyone with an artistic eye will always see how reasonable it is to participate in the home auctions and low priced homes in Detroit that might give you a rare chance to own your own home. There is no need to wait all your life saving money in order to be able to purchase a home, when you could rehabilitate such wonderful neglected homes, through the help of home rehab professionals.


Here at Donate Real Estate For Good, L3C, we have received generous donations of neglected homes. A diamond in the rough so to speak. We are a low-profit company dedicated to facilitating the real estate donation process. Do you have a run down home that has gotten to be too much for you? Are you thinking of donating the property to take advantage of tax benefits and relieving yourself of the pressures of home ownership? We are ready to assist! While we appreciate any home we receive, many of the properties are in rough condition and will be rehabbed before resale.  This in turn becomes a potential home for the adventurous and motivated buyer or investor.


You will not regret this; start your journey to becoming a property donator today and give us a call.


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